My Absolute Love for Disney

Hello! Thanks for stopping by simply spontaneous. Today you guys get to learn about my obsession with Disney.

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For as long as I can remember I have always had a great love for all things Disney. I'm eighteen years old and I love Disney just as much as when I was five years old, if not more so. Everything that is done by The Disney Company is just so magical and it makes so unbelievably happy, I have never been able to find anything else like it. My mom is also a huge Disney nerd too, so that's definitely where I get it from. I grew up watching all the Disney movies, and constantly listening to all the music from the movies. On top of all of this, I've grown up in Central Florida, right outside of Orlando, which is honestly a dream come true for a little whose dream was to become a princess when she grew up. (Yes, five year old me had very ambitious dreams) My family almost always had season passes to DisneyWorld, and we went all the time, it was absolutely amazing.

My family hasn't had passes for quite a years now, and since I'm living on my own now, it's my job to buy that sort of thing for myself, so about a month ago, I made the greatest decision ever. I bought season passes and every day that I have off from work and school, I can be found at Disney World. I guess you could say that I am slightly obsessed with Disney, but I am completely and utterly proud of it.

What are your thoughts on Disney? Any magical moment memories you have?