Creativity Imagination and Positivity

Creativity, Imagination, and Positivity. 

These are three things that I run off of, especially working at a preschool. I mostly use them at home though, I am an artist, that's where the creativity comes in, I am almost always daydreaming, so there's the imagination, and being happy is one the most important things to be, so there we find the positivity.

I want this blog to be a place of creativity, imagination, and positivity. I want to make others happy. It is as simple as that, I truly want to make everyone happy. I know I can't completely do that from a simple blog, but if I can make at least one person happy, then I will be satisfied. 

This is a safe place for anyone and everyone to go to. I have a little bit of everything on here, and I hope you can find something that makes you smile.